Greetings to all in the Daylesford, Drummond and Yandoit communities


Yandoit Primary is a small school that boasts a rich community history and offers children individual learning opportunities in a beautiful rural setting.

Founded in 1861, Yandoit Primary School is set in a rural setting with adjoining bushland. The school consists of three main buildings. The main learning area is our well-equipped classrooms that are modern and spacious providing ideal learning environments for our students. The historical building is now used as a library with attached kitchen facility for our kitchen/garden program. We have a dedicated art room/studio for our pupils to fulfil their creative potential.


We offer a multi-sensory and nature based approach to learning with excellent student teacher ratios. Our flexible approach to learning caters to each student’s needs and well-being. Students are encouraged to tap into and follow their natural curiosity about the world, in order to develop a love for learning – the excitement of learning something new becoming the motivator and stimulus to guide our students into further learning experiences. 

In addition to the Victorian Curriculum, we extend learning by hands on exploration of how things work, how they relate to each other and what role we can play to make a better future for us and our world. 

Being well resourced (with one computer/ iPad per student, fast, stable internet access, interactive whiteboard, STEM materials and our unique environmental setting),  Yandoit Primary School is able to give its students every opportunity to explore the rest of the world in a safe, nurturing environment. 

We have an inclusive relaxed, non- competitive classroom culture. The encouragement of respectful relationships between individuals, irrespective of gender, race, age, religion or personal preference receives a special emphasis in our learning and permeates our day to day interactions and relationships.